LiquidFeedback is an open-source software,
powering internet platforms for
proposition development and decision making

LiquidFeedback is an independent open source project. The software is published under MIT license by the Public Software Group of Berlin, Germany. The developers of LiquidFeedback have teamed up in the Association for Interactive Democracy to promote the use of electronic media for democratic processes.

LiquidFeedback - The Democracy Software


Fully Transparent Decision Process

Protection against non-transparent lobbying

Predefined rules and timings ensure that plans on decision processes are made public in time. Decisions are made by recorded vote only, and all voting-relevant data in LiquidFeedback is made available to all participants in both human– and machine–readable form. This enables a transparent decision-making process and ensures that participants can verify the voting procedure.
Collective moderation

Collective Moderation

Proportional representation of minorities

LiquidFeedback doesn't rely on a request commission and doesn't need a moderator. Instead, all participants gain equal rights in a scalable structured dicussion process where it is ensured that minorities gain a fair share of representation and that even individuals may put up their proposals for discussion. The system is designed in such way that noisy minorities won't harm other minorities in the discussion process.
Topic based delegation

Liquid Democracy

Scalability through division of labor

The basic idea is a democratic system in which most issues are decided (or strongly suggested to representatives) by direct referendum. Considering nobody has enough time and knowledge for every issue, votes can be dynamically delegated by topic. Delegations are transitive and can be revoked at any time. Liquid Democracy is sometimes referred to as »Delegated« or »Proxy Voting«.
Preferential voting

Preferential Voting

Equal treatment of competing alternatives

LiquidFeedback doesn't ask predefined questions but encourages participants to suggest alternatives. A sophisticated voting system is facilitated to allow participants to express their opinions without necessity of tactical considerations. Its mathematical properties avoid vote–splitting and allow that similar proposals don't harm each other.

LiquidFeedback has been applied to various use cases


Political Parties

The natural habitat of LiquidFeedback

Political parties are the original use case that LiquidFeedback has been developed for: It empowers their members to make binding decisions, and it turns political parties more attractive for citizens.


Letting members decide

LiquidFeedback's usage is not limited to political parties: Any political or nonpolitical organization can use LiquidFeedback to allow decisions being made by all members, independent of time and physical presence.
Civic participation

Civic Participation

A direct channel for political participation

Governments and parliaments can use LiquidFeedback to poll the opinion of the public, while not being limited to yes/no–questions: Citizens may rephrase the question and provide unforeseen answers.


Unleashing the creativity of employees

Companies can benefit from unleashing the creativity of their employees. Usage may range from nonbinding suggestions for the executive board to binding decisions in case of employee-owned companies.

LiquidFeedback is Open Source


Free of License Fees

Pay for service,
don't pay for software

The LiquidFeedback software may be obtained free of charge, and there are no royalties. Budget can be used for services instead of buying software.
No vendor lock in

No Vendor Lock-in

Free software for free democracy

It is possible to install, maintain, and modify the software with the help of any skilled computer specialist or company. The inventors of LiquidFeedback offer their services for consulting, hosting, and training.
Source code

Source Code Access

Available to anyone

The source code is freely available and can be downloaded from the website of the Public Software Group e.V., which is publishing the software.
No copy left

No Copyleft

Prevent license incompatibilities

The Public Software Group's liberal licensing model avoids license incompatibilities when merging the software with other software components. LiquidFeedback and it's dependencies are based on MIT– and BSD–licensed components.

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Just the Source Code

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If you're just interested in the source code, follow the link below to access the source code repository of the Public Software Group.

→ The source code repository
Book The Principles of LiquidFeedback

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In their book, the inventors of LiquidFeedback explain the principles and rules of procedure developed for LiquidFeedback. Buy online or at any bookstore.

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Talks and Workshops

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The developers of LiquidFeedback have teamed up in the Association for Interactive Democracy to promote the use of electronic media for democratic processes.

→ Association for Interactive Democracy
Professional services

Professional Services

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Get professional services directly by the inventors of LiquidFeedback. Contracting commercial support helps to get started and may range from installation to hosting, maintenance, or user support.