Decisions made easy.

Gloria has an idea. She starts an initiative with LiquidFeedback to let others know about it and gains their support. Suggestions are made on how she can improve the initiative. Gloria modifies her initiative, then receives useful feedback on the changes.

After a while, the voting starts, and all participants can decide whether to support Gloria's idea. LiquidFeedback counts the ballots, and her initiative wins. Gloria's idea will be realized.

Another decision made easy.


Fair, robust, reliable.

Equal Privileges

When you participate in LiquidFeedback, you may bring up new proposals at anytime. In LiquidFeedback's structured discussion process all participants are treated equally. Everyone has the same rights.

Large Groups

LiquidFeedback works best for large groups: It ensures that minorities get a fair share of representation while noisy minorities can not dominate the debate.

Division of Labor

You can delegate your voice to a person you trust. Delegate a single issue, a subject area or everything. Update or revoke your delegation at any time, if you change your mind.

Strong Transparency

LiquidFeedback is fully transparent. Rules and timings ensure all process steps are made public in time.


Decisions are made by recorded vote. All data is available, both human- and machine-readable.

Easy to use.

Optimal user guidance

LiquidFeedback comes with a modern user interface which is easy to use. You have access to all features of LiquidFeedback.

“What can I do here?”

A quick help box informs you about possible actions and guides you through the available features of LiquidFeedback.

Support an idea

Just one click on the blue thumbs up button.

Vote on an issue

Simply drag and drop the alternatives to “approval” or “disapproval”.

Flexible setup.

Map integration

Whenever it is deemed useful, LiquidFeedback comes with an integrated map.

Use case adoption

LiquidFeedback's rules of procedure are ready for various application fields and use cases, including:

Corporate Identity

LiquidFeedback can be adapted to your corporate identity. The integration with existing solutions is possible.

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